So it’s time to put on an event as part of your overall PR strategy. We can handle planning and executing your regular events, cycle meetings and grand openings. we can get you covered if you want to present your brand to the world in first-class style
We can arrange media for events and grand openings and integrate with PR so everyone will know about what you’re up to.

Organizing & Execution

MEDmart Team works Hands-on assuming full responsibility or in part of event organization team for creating / implementing the required event activities with clear communication, and ensuring the smooth and efficient running of an event as designed From start to finish, we have all the resources to execute a flawless event for you and your clients. There is no detail too small while we work with you to bring your masterpiece come to life.
  • Hotel & Site Selection
  • Event setup
  • Venue Booking
  • Production
  • invitation
  • Organizing event
  • Press Kits
  • Attendance
  • Media Publicity
  • Branding Designs
  • Giveaways
  • Our team groups a solid experienced support staff covering the lifetime of your event:
  • Pre-event Planning.
  • Event management and services.
  • Post-event.
  • Our dedicated team of specialists provide guidance and support, saving time and resources, allowing our clients to concentrate on their priorities while they focus on the time- consuming details. Whether it's a small business meeting, or a large regional conference or a new product lunch, we have the capability to handle your every need.

Booth Design & Production

Are you ready to impress your audience with an innovative custom exhibition stand built specifically for your brand?

This is your time to shine and show your audience why you’re worth their attention. Luckily, you have options beyond investing in a custom booth of your own, with options to buy and rent. With our wide selection of portable booths, we’ll put your brand back in the spotlight for increased visibility and media coverage.

we first consider the visitor journey and space planning realities of your tradeshow, event or retail environment. Then, with your budget in mind, we integrate the right forms and materials. Finally, our designers weave it all together to deliver 3D renderings that accurately represent the finished structural concept. always ensuring our clients peace of mind with every project completed on time and within budget.

See Your Design Come to Life with 3D Imaging: Once our design team has a firm understanding of your business and customers, we can start with the custom exhibit design, which includes space planning, materials, visitor journey and more. Our designers come together and dish out every idea we have. We don’t hold back, as a great concept could be missed out on. we share everything during our brainstorming sessions. Eventually, things start to come together to form the foundation for the design. Then our designers render a 3D design. Displaying this information in a 3D format gives clients a true-to-life example of what to expect, eliminating misunderstandings. Then start to building it


We offer ushering services for:

  • Outdoors, indoors events
  • In store promoters
  • Sales ushers
  • D2C promoters